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I find joy in the process of creating quality product and music that you all can resonate with in the deepest parts of who you are. That takes TIME.

For the better half of last year, I experienced things that motivated me to press the gas on all of my goals and aspirations. I thank God for a strong support system, the belief he has not only put in me, but the belief that he has put in others to pour into me, and the belief that he has put into others to allow me to pour into them.

I've experienced mental growth, spiritual growth, physical growth, and emotional growth. Mental breaks, spiritual breaks, physical breaks, and emotional breaks. But at every turn, I was reminded that everything happens for a reason.

Time is a bitch. Love her one day. Lose her the next. But I still want that time back.

Revenge of the Time, 2023.

New Music below.

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